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Liv Evensen at William Faulkner’s Literary Festival Words and Music 2014 – The Art of Improvising in Words, Music and Life, poetry section: Improvising to Negotiate Life’s Treacherous and Unexpected Curves, Healing Stress Successfully.



Reconnections: Dreamscape Musings
A Druid Shamanic Poet, Writer, Artist, and Expressive Arts Teacher

By Liv Evensen


There was a time for love and connection, there was the time of a tragic accident and blow to the spirit, there was a time for seeming death, there was a time for fear so rampant, it was a time to resurrect. As a poet and painter “on my  way home, I know that inspirations from Inner Muses come… and go….
            Now... through a long shamanic journey of dream healing, I have experienced  otherworldly sights,  my biological clock has reversed itself in meeting the true Fountain of Your, my muse within, a most exquisite dream-stories poet of “all knowing of human plights and true beauty.” Like a Dante I have travelled with “my Virgil” on a pure love journey through thick and thin, “across centuries and national boundries, over five years dreamscaping from East China (where I believe I lived in the 11th century, and had knowledge of “The five Dynasties” deep in my soul, to approximately Turkey, where  my poet muse, fountain of all wisdom, knocked on the doors of human hearts encountered along what was once called The Silk Road. One may call my experiences shamanism, sufi-buddhist journeys, Christian Mystic journeys, Indian transfiguration, inspired journeys, healing journeys and many other names.  These journeys are the source of inspiration for all of my work.  Another source of inspiration is my painting.
A late bloomer, I only entered art school in 2012. I now have my own small artist’s studio, in a cove of tall, healthy, very old trees, by the waterfalls where skies and heaven meet earth on the horizon upon the hill, in Oslo. In Art school, themes synthesized from the dreamscapes of my writings emerged in my paintings.  As I learn the figurative techniques, I am developing my own style.
            And, I continue to dream with my muses, teach refugee youngsters how to express themselves in word and visual images, write, and, a bit like a William Blake, I paint.


This presentation is of  two  narrative poems from my journey out of sorrow, illustrated by a few of my paintings, inspired by the inner muse who guided me on my journey. Here is
the first tale I have to tell:


(se to neste sider under for…and she cried…og The little One and…)

…and she cried…historical roles past and present.

The Little One and The Ghost-like Fairy Tale Mistress of All Faiths and Care. (fortsettelse to neste sider :) )

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29.10 | 15:01

Tusen takk :)

12.07 | 12:58

Hei Liv! Veldig fin maleri...

28.08 | 22:36

Mange takk for den fantastiske bilder og utdrag av klassisk musikk...:)

23.07 | 14:03

Kjære Patricia - etter 5 år med acem-meditasjon, møttes du og jeg "tilfeldig" på Blindern, og du nevnte dine kreative kunster. Det var meninga!! :)<3

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